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Duty To Retreat/Stand Your Ground

In the state of Arizona there is no Duty to retreat from a life threatening event! However, there are stipulations. You have to be in a place you are legally able to be. For instance if you are trespassing, this law would not cover you. In addition, if you were committing a criminal act, such as robbing a convenience market, and the clerk pulled a gun on you, you wouldn't be covered under the "Stand your Ground Law" because you were committing a crime. Keep in mind, even if you meet the qualifications of "Stand Your Ground", many times it's better to create distance to save you and your family. Don't get too hung up on planting your feet and not moving.... Also, the County Attorney in deciding to criminally charge someone likes to see that you are a victim in the situation. Try to always remain the victim and not the aggressor.

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