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Blue Line CCW is Owned and Operated by Retired Sergeant Stephen Wamsley. He is a 39 year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department and an AZPOST instructor at the Phoenix Regional Academy for over 30 years. The Blue Line CCW Course covers invaluable information for all individuals who choose to learn about "Situational Awareness" or learn about the extensive Arizona gun laws to keep them out of legal trouble. The Blue Line CCW Course may also be used for AZ CCW Permit as we issue a class certificate and fingerprints for a Arizona CCW permit should you choose. A description of areas covered in the CCW course is below. 

ARS 13-418-419 Castle Doctrine:

(Residential Structure or Occupied Vehicle)Most Arizona residents don’t understand how the Castle Doctrine works in this state when it comes to Force and Deadly Force. It’s a law that protects homeowners inside their homes and occupied vehicles. My class helps you understand how it protects you and your family from anybody who had illegally entered their home or vehicle.  And where the Castle Doctrine can be applied. 

State Law:

Arizona Revises Statutes (Title 13) are what defines our state laws.  Those statutes are very specific in relation to the Use of Force, Deadly Force, Castle Doctrine, Stand your Ground, and Firearms.  Title 4 deals with State Liquor Laws.  I will be discussing how these laws are applied and can keep you from getting into legal trouble by violating laws most are unaware of.  Education is the key. 

ARS 13-404 Use of Force:

Arizona State Law allows for citizens to use force to protect them or a 3rd party.  How that force is applied and in what situation can help you stay out of legal trouble.  I discuss the difference between Physical Force vs. Deadly Force.  Misdemeanor Laws vs. Felonies and the penalties that follow.  A criminal charge for either can be financially devastating for people. 

Situational Awareness:

Being aware of you surroundings plays an important role in keeping you and your loved ones safe.  My class helps you understand those threats and how to make good decisions during a crisis.  I discuss the body’s reaction to stress, heart rate,  as well as critical stress in relation to the threat you are facing.  My preference is to help you recognize the threat before it gets to the critical stage and avoid them.  


We have Reciprocity with approximately 37 states in this great nation.  That means should you decide to obtain your AZ CCW Permit, you would be able to legally carry your firearm into those states while traveling on a vacation, business, or to just visit friends.  But each state has their own gun laws.  My class will teach you how to manage those legal waters.  Even conservative states have laws that you can’t violate. 

Threat Assessment:

After working 39 years in the Threat Assessment business as a Phoenix Police Supervisor, I have developed some sound concepts that can keep you and your loved ones safe given the current environment.  I can also conduct a Threat Assessment of your home or business and make suggestions to help minimize those risks.  

Constitutional Carry:

Arizona became one of 22 states in the nation that has “Constitutional Carry” laws in relation to carrying a concealed weapon.  I discuss what that means legally and what the Arizona laws are in relation to carrying a concealed weapon to keep you out of legal trouble.  Most people in AZ that get into legal trouble with firearms, just simply don’t know what the gun laws are.  We are a very gun friendly state, but violating gun laws that we do have can be costly.  

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