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Why keep your firearm Concealed at all times!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

For years, Arizona residents could only "open carry" their firearms. There was no law that allowed citizens to carry concealed so they put them on their hip. That was better than nothing. But with the State of Arizona becoming a Constitutional Carry state in 2010, legal citizens of the united states that are not prohibited possessors can now carry concealed without a permit in Arizona. Arizona in now one of 25 states that are Constitutional Carry. So here are a list of reasons I instruct people to leave their firearms concealed:

  1. It makes you an immediate target for those in the process of committing crimes

  2. Action is always quicker than reaction, so a criminal knows they are about to act, you have to catch up to their plan since your firearm is now exposed

  3. You might not want to get involved in the situation. (Armed Robbery, Fight) Just remain a good witness

  4. There is no law that says you must get involved with your firearm to stop a crime. Nobody is going to pay your medical bills, loss of wages, criminal defense fees

  5. You give away the tactical advantage of having your weapon concealed. You can pick when and where your firearm comes out. That gives you a distinct tactical advantage

  6. Store owners can tell you they don't want your firearm even if its not posted for their business. They won't know you have it. Leave it that way

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